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Religious Instruction in State Schools.

Should religious instruction be permitted in New Zealand State Schools?

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The vote is already over! It ended on Wednesday, 30.April 2014 (00:00).

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Once again, Fiji church leaders have raised objections to the establishment of a secular state based on erroneous representations of what secularism means, this time in Fiji. In what seems to be the first salvo in an election campaign leading up to the 2014 elections there, senior Catholic and Protestant clerics have come out against provisions in the recently adopted Constitution that declares Fiji a secular state, in which religion is deemed “personal”. It was reported in the Fiji News [on] 7 December 2013 that “the Catholic and Methodist Church do not think Fiji is ready for a secular state”, declaring that religion is not a personal, but a public matter.

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The Kea was chosen as our mascot because of it's inquisitive and intelligent nature. A unqiuely New Zealand bird it represents everything we want to see in our children and our community. Kea are creative, inquisitive, intelligent, curious and brave. The Kea is not simply a cute character, it is a symbol of the attitude that will grow a strong and adaptable community.

The inaugural event for the Reason and Passion group will be a talk by Dr Kerry Spackman about 'Systems of Morality'. There will be a 20-30 minute talk by Kerry followed by an opportunity for the audience to pose questions. We will then move into something more social so people can get to know each other a bit.

Spackman is author of the best selling book 'The Winner's Bible' and was the winner of the 2009 Kea World Class Award for Creative Thinking. In 1992 he received the NEEDA Award for the Most Significant Electronic Export.

You can join the group at It is being held at the Owen G Glenn Building at Auckland University at 7pm in room B5. Parking is available under the building.

If you are passionate about reasoning, and enjoy reasoning about your passions, then the Reason and Passion Meetup Group for you.

The purpose of this group is to explore the big-picture, deep and meaningful topics around life, the universe and everything. Topics covered will span across philosophy, sociology, politics, religion, economics, humanism, psychology, history, ethics, rationalism, environmentalism, science…..and whatever other disciplines that spark interesting thought and discussion.

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