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Religious Instruction in State Schools.

Should religious instruction be permitted in New Zealand State Schools?

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The vote is already over! It ended on Wednesday, 30.April 2014 (00:00).

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Researchers at the New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists have released a report after conducting an investigation of the impact of New Zealand legislation that explicitly and deliberately gives favour to religious organisations and their donors. By doing so, this legislation creates an imbalance in the burden of paying taxes and rates. This amounts to a cross-subsidy from the 78.8% of New Zealanders who did not give money to church-based charities in 2012 to the 21.2% who did.

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Why do religions pay few taxes? Why do companies owned by religions also avoid tax? With more non-believers than ever - is this fair? A New Documentary called 'Pennies from Heaven'  launched today seeking to explore the controversial links between tax and religion. NZARH member Toby Ricketts, is funding a project that will call into question charity laws in New Zealand and ask the hard questions about state sponsorship of religions in NZ and around the world. Please watch the trailer and consider donating.

Pennies from Heaven

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The Secular Coalition of Australia have published an open letter to Bill Nye, otherwise known as 'The Science Guy', who will be participating in a debate against Ken Ham. Ham is a Christian fundamentalist involved with projects such as the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. He will be debating Bill Nye, a popular science educator and television host.

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The Government of Uganda has outlawed homosexuality. The law was first introduced into Parliament in 2009. It was condemned for proposing the death sentence for homosexuals. The death sentence has been removed, The law establishes the penalty of life imprisonment for homosexuals who have sexual intercourse, or homosexual sex with minors or the intellectually disabled, as well as repeated sex offences among consenting adults. The legislation is yet to be signed into law by President Yoweri Museven, who must do so within thirty days for it to take effect.

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