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Religious Instruction in State Schools.

Should religious instruction be permitted in New Zealand State Schools?

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The vote is already over! It ended on Wednesday, 30.April 2014 (00:00).

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Peter Boghossian is coming to Auckland in July to give a free talk about deradicalizing Jihadis. Boghossian is a speaker for the Center for Inquiry, the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, and the Secular Student Alliance. He has been nominated as a member of the Global Secular Council. At Portland State University his primary research areas are critical thinking, philosophy of education, and moral reasoning.

Event Date: July 22, 6pm

Event Venue: Room B3, Owen G Glenn Building, Auckland University, Auckland

The primary message of Aron Ra, writer and producer of the Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism on YouTube, was around how creationists lie for Jesus. Creationists simply do not care what the truth is, and therefore can make no concession about the facts of evolution. For creationists it is not the facts that guide them but a demonstration of conviction in a position of faith. More explicitly he says "Among Creationists lying is a means to an end. And the ends justify the means. So its okay to lie if you are lying for Jesus."

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Matt Dillahunty, host of The Atheist Experience made popular on YouTube, has challenged an Auckland audience of primarily atheists to be more sceptical. He gave a talk recently to a group from the Reason and Science Society at Auckland University, the New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists, and Auckland Skeptics. The theme of his talk was how sceptical thinking related to magic and gave the audience an example of his own magical skills.

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The Atheist Experience is a weekly cable access television show in Austin, Texas geared at a non-atheist audience. Every week they field live calls from atheists and believers alike. The show is made available world wide on YouTube, which has made it and one of its hosts, Matt Dillahunty, an Internet Celebrity. He, along with another YouTube personality, AronRa, who primarily produces YouTube videos about evolution and debunking creationism, will be coming to New Zealand on March 10.

Matt Dillahunty

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